Thursday, April 15, 2010

Qualities of Good Teacher

Have you ever wondered what makes a great special education teacher? What separates a mediocre teacher from a terrific teacher? It's not easy to define, however, here's a list of qualities listed by parents, principals, educators and students.
Are you a Top Special Education Teacher?

1. Love your role, you love being with your students and you couldn't imagine
doing anything else. You were meant to teach special needs children, you know this
in your heart.

2. Have a great deal of patience and know that little steps in learning go along

3. Know your students well and they are comfortable and at ease with you, they
enjoy having you as their teacher and look forward to going school each day.

4. Provide a non-threatening, welcoming environment that nurtures each of the
students you work with.

5. Understand your students, you know what motivates them and you know how to
scaffold activities to ensure that maximum learning occurs.

6. Take each student from where they are and provide experiences that will maximize
success. Always discovering new things about your students.

7. You are very comfortable working with exceptional learners and learners with
diverse needs.

8. You thrive on challenge, can easily build relationships with your students and
your student's parents.

9. You are a life-long learner and committed to the profession.

10.Have never ending willingness to ensure that all students reach their maximum
potential. You constantly strive to 'reach and teach' every student under your